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group photo 1986
Dallas, Texas 1984:

Brothers Chris and Laine Sheridan joined forces with long-time friend Joey C. Jones and drummer Randy St. John to create the biggest, baddest and greatest rock band ever--SWEET SAVAGE!

Over the next 5 years they toured the U.S., playing over 1200 shows in 25 states. The Texas rock scene was the best in the country - Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston all had a 500-1000 seat club that would pack out 4 nights a week - every week. From their home base in Dallas, the band ventured out to the Midwest, New England, the East Coast, Florida and the South - all to packed clubs and crazy partying.

Savage at Rockers, Houston
at "Rockers" in Houston, 1985

The band put everything they had into their live shows - and that's what they were best known for - being a kick ass non-stop hard rocking professional band. Ever trying to out-do themselves and never afraid push the boundaries of decencey all to hell, Sweet Savage lived to entertain - to always have a good time and make sure everyone else has a good time - on and off the stage.

In 1985, Sweet Savage went out to Los Angeles to enter the lion's den of the notorious music scene of the Sunset Strip. Right away, this band was seen as a breed apart. All the touring and constant playing clubs in Texas had really paid off, making the band tight, seasoned and prepared to show the L.A. bands what a REAL rock band is all about - Texas style!

original sweet savage logo

On the second trip that year, Sweet Savage hooked up with bassist/producer Dana Strum and they went in the studio to record in Hollywood. The result was their self-titled 5-song EP, SWEET SAVAGE, which was released early in 1986. Soon, it rocketed up to #1 on the European import charts, and would spend 16 weeks there that year, often outranking American heavyweights such as Poison, Cinderella and Bon Jovi.

About 50,000 copies of vinyl and cassettes were sold worldwide.

Sweet Savage 1987 backstage @ Whisky
Randy, Chris, Laine, Joey @ the Whisky, L.A., 1987

In 1987, the band packed it up and headed west for the great gold (and platinum) rush of the 1980's. Now, fully combat hardened after 3 solid years on the road, and with a #1 record under their belt, Sweet Savage seemed destined for mega success.

Jani Lane, Bret Michaels, Joey C. Jones
Jani Lane (Warrant) and Bret Michaels (Poison) backstage at the Whisky with Joey after they sat in with Sweet Savage to a packed house (1988).

Unfortunately, the band broke up in 1989. Many in the world may never know "what might have been" had they stayed together. But for the thousands of friends and fans who were part of this experience, there is little doubt as to how high and how far and wide Sweet Savage rocked, and it is to you that this website is dedicated.

Thank you for all your support...keep the faith!



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